Rest and SPA

Spa treatments

Recreation centre “Kapteiņu osta” offers four types of massage, which can help you relax and recover strength.

Appointment to massage by phone: +371 26650248

Hot Stone Massage / 90 min / 35.00 EUR

This massage balances the functioning of the body, ensures peace and relaxation. Hot stones give off their heat to the body, allow even better removing tension, improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, help cleanse the skin pores, reduce stress.

Stone massage has a harmonizing and cleansing effect, which creates spiritual and physical balance.

Aromatherapy Massage / 60 min / 25.00 EUR

Aromatherapy Massage - this massage is complemented by aromatic (essential) oils. This is a great procedure for the health improvement, which recovers strength and working capacity, reduces fatigue, fills with positive emotions and gives a good mood.

Classic Massage 60 min / 25.00 EUR / 90 min / 30.00 EUR

It is a therapeutic and relaxing massage. Use of different techniques – stroking, rubbing, foulage and vibration – leads to mechanical stimulation of tissues that causes movement of fluids (blood, lymph) in the organism resulting in restoration of organism after mental and physical loads and strengthening of the immune system.

Chocolate Massage / 90 – 120 min / 45.00 EUR

It is aromatic and sensual massage, which provides the opportunity to experience the physical and spiritual well-being, allows enjoying the warm, melted chocolate. The therapeutic effect of this procedure is important because it helps produce the hormone of happiness - endorphin, which relieves fatigue, pain, relaxes muscles, improves blood and lymph circulation. Improves skin metabolism, the skin is supplied with minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium) and vitamins (A, B1, E, D, C). Massage includes also mikropeeling, which tones the skin, leaving it smoother and improves the general physiological condition of the skin, refreshes and moisturizes it.

Honey Massage / 90 – 120 min / 30.00 EUR

Honey massage originates from Tibet and is based on interaction of sking with biologically active substances contained in honey. Natural honey as well as aromatic oils is used in the course of this massage. Honey massage rapidly improves blood circulation in deep skin compartments, cleanses the skin, makes it silky, elastic and evens dermal thickenings, favours the nutrient supply to organs and tissues, absorbs toxins and speeds up their elimination, improves overall health and has anti-cellulite effect. You don’t need to wash after this massage.

Bamboo sticks massage / 90 min / 30.00 EUR

During the day, the bamboo could grow almost by 1 meter, and can sprout even through stone, asphalt or other firm surfaces. Bamboo symbolizes eternal youth, provides inexhaustible power and energy, harmonizes, is a symbol of friendship. Action of bamboo massage: relaxing and toning effect; improves blood circulation; strengthens the venous and lymph circulation, reduces swelling; draining effect on tissues; relaxes the muscles (especially recommended for active people); elimination and prevention of cellulite; improves metabolism processes, harmonizes.

Body massage with herbal pouches 90 min / 35.00 EUR

Herbal pouch massage unites the massage technique, aromatic therapy and impact of warm cloth pouches on the organism. Herbal pouches were used in oriental medicine for centuries. All ingredients of the pouches are fully natural. Pouches are filled with mixtures of medicinal herbs, roots and flowers. This is a pleasant relaxing procedure. Specialist massages the body with pouches strongly, but gently. This massage warms up and gives peace.

Effect of the herbal pouch massage:

✔ Cutaneous pores enlarge allowing the aromatic oils and herbal mixtures to soak into the deepest skin compartments;

✔ Eliminates muscle strain;

✔ Splits subcutaneous fat;

✔ Improves blood circulation, metabolism, lymph

✔ Neutralizes negative energy, reduces stress and keeps the balance of inner energy.

Pouches are used only once and thrown away after the procedure as they absorb toxins and wastes.