Yacht club

Yacht club

We offer the surfers to relax in our yacht club, in which you can warm up and relax in our sauna after a swim in the cold and windy sea, enjoy a glass of cognac in the fireplace hall or in the bar, and enjoy all that is offered by the recreation centre “Kapteiņu osta”.

90-meter guarded pier

depth of 3 meters

✔ Short-term use of the pier (7 days)  22.00 EUR per night* (up to 4 persons)

for each additional person 3,00 EUR

✔ Long-term use of the pier (for yacht club members) 2.20 EUR m2/month*

✔ Long-term use of the pier (for the rest) 3.00 EUR m2/month*

Storage of vessels 

in a protected area

✔ Storage of vessels in winter: 1.50 EUR m2/month (for yacht club members)

✔ Storage of vessels in winter: 2.20 EUR m2/month (for the rest)

✔ Storage of vessels in summer: 15.00 EUR per month 

The width is 3.5 meters, with a slope for raising/lowering in the water

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Yacht club "Kapteiņu osta"

Rules and guidelines

  1. Traveling within the aquatic area of the port one should observe marine safety regulations as provided for by Latvian and international statutory documents, as well as obligatory rules No. 22 “Port regulations of the Administration of Salacgrīva Port” http://www.salacgrivaport.lv/assets/ Salacgrivas-ostas-prvaldes-ostu-noteikumi-01-07-2010-apstiprinatie1.pdf.
  2. Navigation zone – aquatic area of the port and shipway
  3. Entering and exiting the Kuiviži port is allowed ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY through leading lines marked with an axis of illuminating buoys as there are some fishing nets and trapnets near the shipway of the Kuiviži port.
  4. Navigation in the Kuiviži port is allowed only in daylight hours as there are some fishing nets and trapnets near the shipway of the Kuiviži port.
  5. Navigation is allowed by winds, the velocity of which does not exceed 8 m/s ((~16 kts).
  6. The speed of vessels should not exceed 10 km/h (5 kts).
  7. It is strictly prohibited for the crew or driver of any vessel to steer a relevant vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  8. It is prohibited to throw away garbage in the territory of the yacht-club and aquatic area of the port. Garbage should be thrown away in the designated places.
  9. Channel of communication for all vessels UĪV 12
  10. Information on the depth of the aquatic area and piers can be found in the sounding chart 
  11. Coordinates of Kuiviži port:
  • Arival axis with red/white vertical painting 570 46,95’N 240 17,10’E
  • Illumination characteristics MO(A)B.10.2s
  • Green beacon (right side) 570 47,12’N 240 18,69’E
  • Red beacon (left side) 570 47,14’N 240 18,68’E
  • Leading line direction: 258,40 – 78,40
  • Illumination characteristics: 2vert.F.Za 3 j.j

Depth map